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Seller’s Forms


Standard Contractual  Forms

Consent to Limited Representation – is signed by a specific buyer and a specific seller who are in a limited dual representation arrangement with a real estate agent/firm. This form is referenced in the Agency Disclosure and Election form and should not be used unless the property has been identified. VIEW>>

Buyer-Broker Exclusive Employment Agreement: A form that establishes an exclusive agreement between a buyer, his/her agent and the broker, that lists the type of property for which the buyer is looking, and that sets the form of compensation, if any, the agent is to receive.  This form is similar to an exclusive listing agreement between a seller and a broker/agent.  VIEW>>

Arizona Residential Resale Purchase Contract: A form for the sale of residential property that also includes the means of financing. VIEW>>

Real Estate Agency Disclosure and Election: A form that describes the different kinds of real estate agency relationships (e.g., buyer, seller, limited dual) that a person(s) may have with an agent.  The form provides for the person to select the type of relationship he/she wants to have with his/her agent.  Conversely, this form is not an employment agreement (e.g., see Buyer-Broker Exclusive Employment Agreement above). VIEW>>

Counter Offer: This form is a counter offer to the original purchase offer. In some transactions, there may be more than one counter offer. VIEW >>

Disclosure Forms

Lead Based Paint Disclosure: A form added to the Residential Resale Purchase Contract that meets formal requirements for disclosing possible presence of lead-based paint in houses built before 1978. VIEW>>

Residential Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement: Although not a legal requirement, this form is frequently used by sellers to disclose information about the residential property being offered for sale. In instants where the seller doesn’t occupy the premises, they will most likely not have the ability to complete this form. VIEW>>