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Buying on Impulse


Buying on Impulse

Many buyers fall victim to buying a house on impulse. They see it, they love it, and they’ve got to have it. Unfortunately, what they fail to do is make sure the house fits all of their needs. A good way to insure you meet as many of your needs as possible is to make a list of what is important to you before you become too deeply involved in your search. A good agent can help you fill in your list. The right schools, shopping, landscape, location, and traffic can all be dealmakers or deal breakers for your perfect house. Something as simple as living on a long street where the local school bus makes multiple stops may change everything for you. There is nothing worse than being late and being stuck behind a school bus for blocks. Here are just a few additional things to consider:

  • Planned area developments (talk to the local city council or planning commission)
  • What the rest of the street looks like
  • Neighbors
  • Nearby industrial businesses that may not be part of a healthy environment
  • Noise from nearby airports
  • Available parking