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Being the Lone Ranger


Being the Lone Ranger

Being the Lone Ranger-Buying a home is a very complex process at best, and some deals are far more complex than others. Even the simplest of transactions will still require a team of people to assist you or to complete your purchase. You’ll most likely need the following:

  • Your agent, who will help find the perfect home for you and who will oversee all elements of your purchase.
  • A lender, who will help you secure a loan for your property.
  • A home inspector, who will determine if the house you are buying is safe, if it is well constructed and maintained, and whether certain repairs will need to be done.
  • An insurance agent, who will write a policy insuring your new home.
  • A title representative to ensure the title of your home is free and clear at the time of your purchase.
  • Some buyers may choose to have a lawyer to advise them about title or trust aspects of the purchase, or to represent them in writing a contract.